PayPal:- what is the PayPal and how to create a PayPal account

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nowadays everyone is asking about PayPal so we are creating this article for all in one information about PayPal.

Let we introduce first , what is the PayPal ?

PayPal is the best way for sending or accepting international payments in india and others country also . PayPal doesn’t have any charges for sending money to any person , it has only per transaction 4rs+2.5% charges for accepting payments in India.

PayPal is a international payments wallet that enables to send or receive international payments but in India it works like a payment gateway only , if you are an Indian customer then you can’t restore money in PayPal account , you money will be withdrawn automatically daily to your registered bank , and while sending money to someone you will have to use your debit/credit card.
It was founded in :-December 1998, Palo Alto, California, United StatE

Questions:- How is PayPal a easiest and safer way for showing?

Answer- yes ! Correct , you are right PayPal is the easiest and safest way for shopping , PayPal gives us 180 days buyers protection upto 250$, that helps us in doing safe payments and there is no any risk of frauds because PayPal buyers protection is valid for 180 days. if you ordered something from any shopping sites or anywhere and different products received or product not received then you may dispute this transaction and escalate to PayPal team . After escalating to PayPal , PayPal team will review it , and if you are right then they will refund your full money. PayPal does also provide sellers protection .

Questions :- How to create a PayPal account ?

1. First vitst on and click on sign up

2. Now select shopper’s or buiesness accounts

Note :- if you want to an PayPal account for personal use/shopping then you should select personal account

3. Now enter email id and password and click on next button

4. On the next page you will be asked for filling the shipping address , please fill and complete the sign up process

5. For safety you must verify your email id with PayPal , please check your email id and click on verification link and verify it.

6. if you want to receive payment from someone then , please add your bank account , after adding bank account PayPal will send 2 small amounts for confirming bank

7. Please enter this amount in the confirm bank section , after entering your bank will be confirmed

8. You may also confirm you bank directly by verifying you debit/credit card , go to payment methods and add you debit/credit card and verify it

Woohoo your PayPal account is ready now 😘😘😘

We will also post how to loot from PayPal and how to get unlimited cards , just wait for our next article

Thanks you

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