Niki offer by Amazon – Pay on Niki minimum Rs100 and get 50% upto Rs100

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Niki offer by Amazon – Pay on Niki minimum Rs 100 and get 50% up to Rs 100

Download Niki app from this link and this is the website link to redirect on Niki web. Enter your refer code (here).

So , first of all we have to understand this Amazon pay get offer’s which is available on Niki app for promotion purpose . The validity of this offer is from 1st January 2020
to 31st January 2020. If you are the participant’s of this offer then in the next ¬†time you will get a cashback by in any types of products. This offer
will be completed by participants only if he/she will pay the price of the product through UPI(unified payments interface) otherwise if he/she will pay through any other
digital mode payment such as credit card, debit card,net banking,google pay, Phonepe and amazon pay etc. Then the users shall not able to take the benefit of this offer.

If any participant use this offer then the maximum benefit of cashback is up to Rs 100. The user can only once able to take the advantages of this offer and if any user want’s
want to take twice or more than twice than he/she will not be successful because as we mentioned above in this article that this is only one time available for every users.
after purchasing your cashback balance will credited in your amazon account with in three working days.If any customer or amazon fully cancel the offer after avail the cashback
on any purchase than he/she will not be applicable for this offer because the cashback amount will be adjust with the amount of refund.A lots of customers have a issue that
during the period of placing the order their payment is not succesfully completed due to some Technical problem or else some network problem. Due to this problem you
don’t worried about that because if your order will failed than ¬†Immediately you will get an option of revise your payment. And if you revive your payment doing the offer duration then you will
applicable for this offer.

Niki shopping unlock offer . Just pay On Niki for a minimum Rs 100 – and Get 50% cashback return up to Rs 100 on shopping on using on minimum order value Rs 100.

There are certain terms and condition to be applicable for the offer are:

1 . Amazon simply disqualified the offer from the customer just because the customer is using some illegal or fraudulent activities then his/her offer will be automatically withdrawn
from the customer.
2 . This offer is released by amazon on Niki app/ website will be available for the Indian residence people only. so, it is the great opportunity for all of us that Indian residence people are
lucky enough to have this offer.
3 . While you becoming a part of this offer. You will find that it is clearly mentioned in the amazon offer page that if users faces any kind of losses or damage through this app in a direct or indirect
manner then the amazon is not responsible for out their own ways.
4 . If any kind of disputes arises due to this offer duration then it will be the subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of court at Bangalore because the offer is running
under Indian government.
5 . Amazon has a certain right regarding this offer. Amazon have a powered to add/alter/modify /change or vary any or all of the terms. Will giving any prior notice,without informing
,without assigning. Nobody can question mark on it.
6. To avail the cashback offer you need to shop for minimum rupees to be applicable for this offer.
These all are the certain terms and condition of Nikki offer cashback and as we all know that these offer is the joint promotional initiative provided by the Amazon and Nikki app.

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