Nestle Munch Nut offer by paytm : Buy Munch Nut and get cashback

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Nestle Munch Nut offer by paytm : Buy Munch Nut and get cashback :

Once again a great promotion offer released by paytm . This time it is released on a product known as Munch . It is “Munch Paytm cashback promo “. If any customer purchase
this Munch Nuts which is 35.2g pack at Rs 20 . Which is sponsored by once of the reputed company of India Nestle India Limited and it managed and organizer by “QWIKCILVER”
solution private limited then he/she will get a cashback upto Rs 40 on their paytm account or . To get those offer you need to apply certain terms and conditions in a proper ways are. :

1.First of all every users need to find out eight digit unique alphanumeric code inside Munch pack.
2.Secondly , You need to register , For that you have to type SMS Munch nuts <space> 8 digit unique code to 8108590859. After that the user we get a paytm cash promo code in their cell phone.
3.At lastly , you have to open paytm app then you have to click on a paytm add money . After that you will redirect to a page where you have to put Rs 40 in a amount column and click on “Have a promo-code”.
And at last put your promo-code and apply it.

As we all know that this offer is being conducted by the organizer and sponsored of this Munch is Nestle India Ltd. It is not necessary for the customer to be a part of this offer. It is totally voluntary and optional for the customer . But if any customer wants to be benifited from this offer then he must follow the term and condition to get Rs 40 cashback in their paytm app.

This offer is available in the India only and it can be used by all the citizen of India except the few person . Who are directly related to the company such as the employees , joint venture partner , it is co-factor , their distributors etc.

Their are certain points which every customers of Munch need to keep in their mind such as .:-

1.This unique alphanumeric code can be used only once to get a cashback of Rs 40 in your paytm account .
2.A every paytm user can avail this offer only two times in their account . More than 2 times is not eligible for any users.
3.If your promotion code will be expire then it will be no use . You will not eligible to get a cashback of Rs 40 in your paytm account.
4.If promo code will be damaged by the customers for that Nestle India Ltd will not be liable.
5.To get the benefit of this offer the customer must have a kyc with paytm account then only he/she will be eligible for that.

If anyone getting problem regarding this offer of having any query , please mail it on or call on 080-67181401 . This service is available
or open only from Monday to Friday at 10:30 Am to 5:30 Pm and are not available on public holidays , bank holidays , and saturday and sunday. A customer get unique code by
using this promotion offer will have to use it in between 01.01.2020 to 28.02.2020 are valid. It was clearly mentioned by Nestle India ltd and the organizer that they have the full right to cancel , change or subsitute this offer at any time without giving any kind of prior notice to the customer .

The Nestle India Ltd has stated few points in which it clearly mentioned that they are not responsible for its such as :

1. They are not responsible for any kind of tax implication arises due to this offer and it can be bear by the side of customer.
2. They are not liable for down-time on the service caused due to the technical faults such as network problem.
3. Nestle is not responsible for any damage or injury or any libalities arises due to this promotion offer .
4. They are not accountable for any stoppage or cancellation of this offer due to the government restriction.
5. If the participants will do any kind of error during the process to Redeem promo-code then the Nestle India limited will not be liable for that.

All the terms and condition of the offer realesed by Nestle India limited and their organizer is governed by the Indian law. The court of Delhi has full right to provide their jurisdication regarding this offer.

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