How to transfer money from your credit card to bank, without any extra charge?

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Hello Looter Boys Readers! Here i am Going to post a new method to Transfer Credit Card balance to your Bank Account and You can Do it for Free without any extra charges Using this Method.

There are few vendor in the Popular Markets where you can swipe your credit cards for a said amount and get converted cash in return. There would be commission on the said amount because you didn’t purchase anything. The rate of intrest is usually on a higher side.

Using a credit card to withdraw cash at ATM is also a costly affair.

In order to transfer from a Credit Card to your Bank Account, a small amount of money deducts from from your card as interst or tax. But today in this method we are going to show you a method, which allows you to transfer money from your Credit Card to your Bank Account at 0% intrest.

Transfer Credit Card Balance to Bank by using Paytm Merchant:


1. First of All Download Business with Paytm App From Given Link Here. : Download

2. Then Below go to Accept Payments and then click on Request money option.


3. Then enter the amount that you wanna settle in your Bank Account.


4. After that click on Create Link and copy that link.

5. Open any browser and Paste that link in URL tab, and go to that site.

6. Here you will see the page same as below, and then Tick on Paytm Balance option.


7. Credit card option will appear on the window, Now just fill up your credit card details and pay.

8. Voila! after entering otp your amount will be transferred to your Paytm Merchamt Account.

9. If your Merchant account is with instant settlement option, you can transfer that amount instantly to your bank, otherwise it will automatically settele in your linked bank Account within 24hrs.

According to new Terms and Conditions of Paytm you cannot do that transiction in your own merchant and device. You must have your friend/family device with merchant. And make sure that your merchant had limit according to your transiction.

Final Words: This method will only work in India. You can use other countries credit cards also but their international transictions must be enabled.

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