Buy Amazon gift card worth 2000 and get 200 rc cashbacks in Airtel payment Bank ,mini kyc also working [ Over]

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Hello friends ! Thanks for visiting ! I hope you are enjoying Airtel payment bank gift card loot , which is giving 200rs cash back on buying gift cards of 2000 , you may buy Amazon gift cards also ! Click here to know more about that .

But Airtel mini kyc users wasn’t able to buy Amazon gift card and in this post will will tell you full process for buying Amazon gift from Airtel payment bank mini kyc account /non kyc account for receiving 200rs cashbacks !

Note- we will give you some suggestions so please follow that .

How to buy Amazon gv from non kyc Airtel payment bank step by step guide .

Note- please read full post and follow the suggestions.

  1. Fisrt delete your original Airtel app .
  2. Now download Airtel app Verizon by clicking on link – Airtel app version download
  3. Now login to you old Verizon Airtel app.
  4. Now click on view profile section .
  5. You will see an option for apply a savings account.
  6. Click and give them required details note- if possible provide them original details. You may also provide fake details .
  7. After entering all details update your Airtel app.( Before updating check once that Amazon option showing or not in old version if showing then you may buy via old version but if getting failed then you may update)
  8. Now visit to gift card section to buy Amazon gift card .
  9. Surely ! After completing this step you will able to buy Amazon gift card using Airtel mini kyc and this offer is for all users, you will receive 200 cashbacks also .

Impornant suggestions by looterboys-

  1. Before adding 2000 to your mini kyc account , first add 10rs only and recharge your mobile number with RS 10 for checking that your Airtel wallet is active or not .
  2. If you register for new Airtel account then in name section don’t fill up xyz , egd, dghg, dfgh, etc which word doesn’t have any meaning ,simply enter Sonu, monu , rames , kundan , Ajay , Vijay etc . These are just an example .
  3. If you register for a new account then if possible enter original details and if possible also enter original details while applying for saving account.
  4. If Airtel blocks your account then you will have to call or mail them and they will ask for proof for name , which is provided while registration.

You should try this offer by following given suggestions otherwise you may also lost your money .

Terms and conditions –

  • Flat Rs. 200 cashback on gift card purchase from airtel payment bank app from saving account/wallet . Minimum amount is 2000 rs
  • This offer is available only for airtel payment bank Customers :a) wallet customer(no kyc , mini kyc and full kyc customers).b)saving account customers
  • users can avail flat rs 200 cashback on purchase of gift cards from airtel bank app.
  • maximuum cashback amount per transacton will be Rs 200 for both saving accounts and wallet customers
  • offer is applicable once per user user during offer duration.
  • limited period offer from 23rd aug 2019 till 31 aug 2019
  • for both wallet and saving ac customers minimum purchase of Rs. 2000 is mandatory in order to avail offer
  • offer is not vaild for flipkart gift card.
  • airtel payment bank reserves the right to disqualify any airtel wallet holdeer or saving account holder from benifits of this offer in case of any fraudulent activity transaction
  • airtel payment bankalso reserve the right to discontinue this offer without assigning any reason or withouyany priorintimation whatsoever.

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